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Posted By Carl Engelbrecht
Posted By Carl Engelbrecht
Posted By Carl Engelbrecht

    Relax: White Hats in Control. 90% of the DUMBS cleaned, millions of children and adults rescued, drugs and weapons seized, Tribunals ongoing 7/24 at GITMO:

    Satanic Elites Exposed Part 1: Celine Dion Adrenochrome Nununu World Order. Celine Dion’s Satanic clothing line NuNuNu World Order with designers from Israel. The elites drug of choice is Adrenochrome.

    Satanic Elites Exposed Part 2: Pedo Justin Trudeau Jesuit Drama Queen Connections. The Elites are Satanic!! Pedowood, Antifa, Soros, Podesta, Clinton, etc.

    Satanic Elites Exposed Part 3: Award Winning Hollywood Pedophiles Walk of Shame. The list is long. Many pedos visited Epstein Island and the secret tribunals continue, millions already executed.

    Satanic Elites Exposed Part 4: Marina Abramovic Dinner Rituals, Cannibals, Adrenochrome, Pedowood, Hollywood, Witchcraft, Black Magic:

    Satanic Elites Exposed Part 5: Red Shoe Club Symbolism will be their downfall, Black Eye Club, Pedowood, Adrenochrome, Reptos, Vril, PizzaGate:

    Satanic Elites Exposed Part 6: Bloodlines – Trudeau, Castro and Co

    Satanic Elites Exposed Part 7: Music Industry Militarized, Radio Microwave Frequencies, Mind Control, MKULTRA, How to clones, Clones in Hollywood, Pedowood, Greys, Adrenochrome, PizzaGate:

    Satanic Elites Exposed Part 8: Gates of Hell:

    Satanic Elites Exposed Part 9: The 9th Circle Cult: Since 1962 Joseph Razinger has been a member of the Ninth Circle and has routinely participated in the ritual rape, torture and killing of children according to a forner member of the child abuse cult known as The Ninth Circle in his deposition, & quo.

    Satanic Elites Exposed Part 10: Operation Paperclip with the help of the CIA and the Vatican Ratlines

    Satanic Elites Exposed Part 11: Dr. Tam’s 11th Hour Tik Tok: Dr. Tam and National Film Board Of Canada’s 57 minutes into this creepy video before the pandemic. Concentration camps, detention centers all for the RFID tracking bracelets for the New World Order In full swing. Canada has been under the UNA.

    Satanic Elites Exposed Part 12 Echelon’s New World Order: HAARP, 5G, Nono Chips, Surveillance:

    Satanic Elites Exposed Part 13: Elon Musk’s Transformation:

    Satanic Elites Exposed Part 14: It’s right on the money. A picture show of symbols designed by the elites for the New World Order – Illuminati MATRIX still under construction BUT it FAILED – ThankQ

    Satanic Elites Exposed Part 15 Finger Lakes and Hunter Biden. A preview of what is on Hunter Biden’s Laptop and the connection with his tattoo on his back of finger lakes where human trafficking takes place.

    Satanic Elites Exposed Part 17: Weather Games, HAARP, NOW, FEMA, The Vault Archive:

    Satanic Elites Exposed Part 18 Canadian DUMB Deep Underground Military Bases, Gene Decode:


Posted By Carl Engelbrecht
Posted By Carl Engelbrecht
Posted By Carl Engelbrecht

What we've been witnessing played out across the plane[t] is beyond's evil on a scale never before seen in human history, and the hypnosis which captured the collective was decades in the making and brilliantly diabolical beyond belief.

"New World Order: A 25-point plan for the establishment of a New World Order, revision and modernization of modern society. The ideas of the Illuminati, the worship of Satan, with the aim of world domination and imposing Luciferian ideology on the peoples of the Earth.

1. Use violence and terrorism instead of academic discussions.

2. To preach “liberalism” in order to usurp political power.

3. Initiate a class war.

4. Adherence to any moral code leaves a politician vulnerable.

5. Dismantle the “existing forces of order and regulation”. Reconstruct all existing institutions.”

6. Remain invisible until the plan gains such power that no trick or force can undermine it.

7. Use mafia psychology to control the masses. “Without absolute despotism, one cannot rule effectively.”

8. To promote the use of alcoholic beverages, drugs, moral corruption and all forms of vice systematically used by “agents” to corrupt young people.

9. Seizure of property by any means to ensure subordination and sovereignty.

10. To foment wars and control peace conferences so that none of the belligerents gets territory, which further aggravates their situation.

11. To choose candidates for public positions who will be “servile and obedient to the commands so that they can be easily used to implement the plan.”

12. Use the press for propaganda in order to control all channels of dissemination of public information, while remaining in the shadows in order to absolve oneself of guilt.

13. To make the masses believe that they have become the prey of criminals. Then restore order to appear in the role of saviors.

14. Create a financial panic. To use hunger for control, to subjugate the masses.

15. To use the Great Masonic Lodges for their own purposes, to disguise the true nature of their work as philanthropy. To spread their atheistic materialistic ideology among the “Goyim” (pagans).

16. At the moment of the hour when the sovereign ruler of the whole world will be crowned, their influence will expel everything that can stand in his way.

17. Use systematic deception, loud phrases and popular slogans.

18. Reign of terror is the most economical way to achieve rapid submission.

19. Disguise themselves as political, financial and economic advisers in order to fulfill our mandates through diplomacy and without fear of exposing the “secret power behind national and international ideas.”

20. The ultimate world government is the main goal. It is necessary to create huge monopolies, so that even the biggest fortunes of the Goyim will depend on us to such an extent that they will go to the bottom along with the credit of their government the day after the great political defeat.

21. Use economic warfare. Deprive the “Goyim” of their landed property and industry through a combination of high taxes and unfair competition.

22. Force them to destroy each other so that only the proletariat remains with a few millionaires devoted to our cause and enough police and soldiers to protect our interests.

23. Call it the “New Order.” Appoint a dictator.

24. Fool, confuse and corrupt young members of society by teaching them theories and principles that we know are false.

25. Distort national and international laws into a contradiction that first masks the law, and then completely hides it."

Posted By Carl Engelbrecht
Posted By Carl Engelbrecht

Welcome to the Great Awakening!

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Posted By Carl Engelbrecht

Blood and organs...

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