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Posted By Carl Engelbrecht
This is brilliant light on the virus...and the global cabal's efforts to create ill-health. OMG! Criminal?

Posted By Carl Engelbrecht
Posted By Carl Engelbrecht

This video discussion shines a brilliant light and exactly why I see healthcare and veterinary medicine as so fraudulent.

Posted By Carl Engelbrecht

Would you rather be smarter than you sound or sound smarter then you are? Either way, IQ matters...and having potential or not, important.

Posted By Carl Engelbrecht

"The Out Of The Shadows documentary lifts the mask on how the mainstream media & Hollywood manipulate & control the masses by spreading propaganda throughout their content."

Posted By Carl Engelbrecht

I believe Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx working with the Gates Foundation created this bio-weapon and 'their' intention/hope was a loss of billions of
humans across the planet. Don't forget, Bill Gates wants 90% of the
population eliminated (his own words) for easier management of the
people farm.
Well, frequency intervened, and as a result, the planet and humanity was saved. #WWG1WGA

"Hoover Institution: The Official Virus Narrative Is FALSE"

Posted By Carl Engelbrecht

For 30 years I've (consciously) been readying for humanity's battle (to the death) against the dark force. Preparing mentally, physically, most importantly spiritually, and acquiring the precious metals (i.e., brass, copper, and lead) that would be needed to help seize the fight.
I gratefully isolated myself from the stable for the coming task apart from the collective herd I'd be dying for, who fortunately didn't sense the coming danger.
I've very recently become aware the war for earth and humanity is now over and the light decisively has won. My part in this endeavor was always needed and used, but I failed to understand my contribution was on the spiritual level until I was clearly honored for my years of struggle.
God, family, and country will NEVER be compromised again. The light on the hill has been restored and the beacon shines more brilliant then ever and the whole universe sees. Good Job Mr. President and fellow Patriots!
May God continue to favor these United States and bless our Patriot heroes who saved the world. Whew!

Posted By Carl Engelbrecht

Wake up, Neo...
The Smart Grid has you...

"DNA Frequency Bioweapon Links Targeted Individuals to Artificial Intelligence Hive Mind Control Grid"




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