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Asymptomatic Carriers...Most Linux and MAC users blindly propogate malicious code that can effect Windows users globally...these "more inteligent" users ignore their responsibility to immunize the data which pass through their domain! Does it make sense to cull that miniscule goup which have the potential to infect a part of the largest OS platform on earth, or is it realistic to eliminate the largest group so the tiniest can claim the majority? Blah, blah, issue is not the platform but the habits and behaviors of its user(s). All actions online, regardless of platform in this digital age have consequences, the question is; before you click, what are you willing to risk?

"Hacked Web sites, spam carrying malware, it's almost all meant for little old you and your Windows PC. Even with constant patching and added security programs, you're always going to be in danger of having your PC hijacked."

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