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Dream Catcher

My first experience with full suspension, hydraulic disk brakes, and clipless pedals took about 10 rides to get adjusted/tuned and become familar with. I have 170+ miles of singletrack on this amazing peddler and I've managed to (mostly) stay mounted and unhurt as of late. Other than a few scratches and scrapes the bike continues to be fully availible. Me on the other hand, well, my first 10 rides found me sore, bruised, and/or bleeding while anticipating my next ride or wondering if I should ride 50 I realized I don't heal/recover as quick as I once did. It’s not that I don’t have the nerve to attempt the deep dips, steep climbs, quick swoops, tight corners, long drops, and unending rocks, roots, mud, water, and dirt at speeds probably beyond me, because it’s all I want to do. This bike continues to cause me to ride dangerously above my ability and I'm lovin it! Knee and shin pads quickly became my favorite safety equipment and I don't leave the house without them!

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