Posted By Carl Engelbrecht

Twists and turns, moves and counter moves, so much slight-of-hand cinema all playing out at the same time...could anyone identify the truth from distraction? I've said for years; Don't Enter A Game You Can't Compete, Unless You're There To Learn. At times I find myself so confused by what I'm seeing, I'll attempt to step into the simple noise of action to have a better look only to be completely overwhelmed and dizzied, I'll quickly pull myself out of the oscillation, dust myself off, and venture back up into the stands to sit stunned in amazement. This is the utmost serious of business on display and only the most brilliant of mind and mettle reside on this battlefield. To think or believe a sinner like me could imagine or understand the dimension of my protectors is the height of absurdity.
I can kneel, pray, and have faith in the plan, trust my president, admire his gallant efforts and command of which I have no idea, and remember to be content to realize I may never truly witness what's happening. I wait, believing for a struggled enlightened passage to the higher realms beyond all this madness to save my soul. My heartfelt thanks patriots. God's will be done! #MAGA #WWG1WGA

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