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Its recently been suggested as many as three quarters (75%) of what we consider 'humanity' are soul-less entities, meaning either clone, hybrid, or trans-human at some type or level. When I look around at the masses I sadly see programed and conditioned members of the church of robotron, simply behaving and moving as learned (which grievously includes most of my family). With that in mind, I personally and seriously effort to detach from this dead sense realm (i.e., being in this world, but not of this world) as the only spiritual sanity saving higher vibrational direction to get to the other side of this current war of wars of good vs evil to save Plane[t] Earth and free Humanity.
Remember, we're NOT physical beings occasionally perceiving a spiritual experience, but rather divine 'spiritual' light energy beings having a human (lower density) experience that we asked lets continue to keep our wits about us and enjoy the excellent display as Source discloses the deepest darkness of this solid terrestrial realm, and allowing us to rise above it.

Posted By Carl Engelbrecht

"Inside the Command Structure of the Alliance to Save the World"

"Mainstream Media Still Has a Role to Play | NESARA GESARA is very Real and Being Implemented"

"Why President Trump is the First Arrest | What does Q Tell Us? | Trust the Plan"

"The Five Eyes are in Panic | FBI Reformation | Worldwide Operational Coordination Taking Place"

"Operation Warp Speed | Why President Trump does not Publicly Denounce the Vaccine Agenda"

"The Truth of 9/11 and China's Takeover of Taiwan | Restoring the 2020 Election | Trust the Plan"

"MAJOR False Flag Event is Coming | Separate Theaters of War are Converging | Turbulence Ahead"

"The Queen is Dead | BOOM Week in Full Swing | Darkness to Light"

"The True History of the Titanic | The False Flag and Satanic Sacrifice that Started it All"

"National Guard Coordinating with County/Local Law Enforcement | Justice is Coming"

"We are a GO | Public Takedown Operations Beginning | Expect the Coming Weeks to be Eye Opening"
"Hussein Obama's Treason | "World War" Coming | New Alliances | Future is Silver & Gold"
"Cabal-System Economic Collapse in Progress | Xi and Putin | RED October Next Month"
"US Military Commanders Planning National EAS | 45 Comms on Red October | Strap In"

"Goodbye McDonalds | "Russian" Sub Goes Missing | 45 Comms Highlighting W. / HW / Clinton / Obama"

"Supreme Court Cancels USA Midterm Elections | 45 & Scavino Pointing us to US Military Domestic Ops"

"<45> & FLOTUS Comms | Putin's War is Only Just Beginning | Justice is Coming"

"Belarus Entering Ukrainian War on Side of Russia | US National Guard Deploying to EC Locations"

"Trump & Kash Decode | China Preparing for Blitzkrieg War in Taiwan | C19 Justice is Coming"

"Russian Tribunals Have Begun | Large Scale DUMBs are Being Destroyed | Scare Event Coming"

"Full Scale Invasion of Ukraine Imminent | US DOD Traitors Assisting in Rogue 'Dirty Nuke'"

"US Mil Mass Arrests are Underway | Deep State Desperate to Flee | US Marines Domestic Ops"

"US Governors and State Senior Leaderships Being Contacted, Briefed by the US Military | NCSWIC"

"Kamala Has Left the Building | Military Brilliance in US Midterm Elections | Enjoy the Show"

"General Orders to US Mil Commanders | Infiltration Highlighted in all Areas | Trust the Plan"

"US NIH Website Admits C19 Plandemic | Justice Coming Soon"

"US Marine Corps Apprehending Traitors | US National Guard Deployed | Trump Speech Misdirection"

"Turkey to Leave NATO | Putin and Xi Coordinating | German/UK Militaries Running Background Ops"

"SGANON, US Mil Communicating W/ Supreme Court CIA Assets Arriving in China | Trust the Plan"

"Angela Taken Down (Again) | Turkey Running Pre-Op Sorties | Brazil Military Tracking [DS] | NCSWIC"

"SGANON W/ French Gov'T Background Ops | NESARA is Real | Military Alliance on the Move Everywhere"

"Ebola as Possible Pathogen for Plandemic #2 | RUS/CHI/SA/TUR | World Alliance Fighting On"

"EUR War Expansion | Underground Ops Ongoing | Spiritual Awakening for Mankind Happening"

"France Under WH Control | Mil Alliance Protecting Leaders | Benedict Death: 2/3 Matrix Now Reclaimed"

"Brunson SCOTUS | WH Alliance Inflicting Heavy DS Losses | WW Op_Timing is Paramount | Personal Note"

"FAA Grounding | Covert Spec_Ops Reorienting Society | WEF Cyber Pandemic | A Special Announcement"

"Saudi Arabia, Biden & Delaware | New Island Hellhole Coming to the Public Awareness | Operational Scopes Enormous"

"WEF Agenda DOA | Soros Arrested for Next Phase | US Mil/IDF Now Running Joint Operations"

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