Posted By Carl Engelbrecht

The simulation never ends, we simply move from our previous awareness into a different, new manifested vision of reality...a change in timelines becomes unfamiliar only because it's not what was, but what now is. The power of change was always ours to ply.
As this new perceived matrix begins to solidify in our minds eye, we replay the previous visions and innerstand how exactly they no longer match or harmonize. We've previously given permission to leave behind for ascension to a greater density of luminescence, and as such higher osculation draws...we part from the confining realm of senses into a dimension whos noise harmonics unpattern before the advanced frequency clarifies.
Can you not see uttering your same old tales for the terrestrial realm reality holds us back from the celestial? Christ suggests your consciousness be 'born again', beyond these sense world imaginations and raised into the light.

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