Posted By Carl Engelbrecht

"Inside the Command Structure of the Alliance to Save the World"

"Mainstream Media Still Has a Role to Play | NESARA GESARA is very Real and Being Implemented"

"Why President Trump is the First Arrest | What does Q Tell Us? | Trust the Plan"

"The Five Eyes are in Panic | FBI Reformation | Worldwide Operational Coordination Taking Place"

"Operation Warp Speed | Why President Trump does not Publicly Denounce the Vaccine Agenda"

"The Truth of 9/11 and China's Takeover of Taiwan | Restoring the 2020 Election | Trust the Plan"

"MAJOR False Flag Event is Coming | Separate Theaters of War are Converging | Turbulence Ahead"

"The Queen is Dead | BOOM Week in Full Swing | Darkness to Light"

"The True History of the Titanic | The False Flag and Satanic Sacrifice that Started it All"

"National Guard Coordinating with County/Local Law Enforcement | Justice is Coming"

"We are a GO | Public Takedown Operations Beginning | Expect the Coming Weeks to be Eye Opening"
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