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Posted By Carl Engelbrecht

Below is simply more frustrating evidence of big money's influence and how crony capitalism proves again "we the people" are simple dolts, (i.e., unwilling/unable to learn from the volumes of dishonest "evidence"). Can and/or should anyone trust "consensus" in any industry, especially today's healthcare with examples galore...and global obesity. It seems everywhere is a consistent hidden agenda narrative we're asked to trust, and yet the state continually proves to get it wrong and cost lives...amazing!

"Decades-old documents have surfaced showing that the powerful U.S. sugar industry skewed the government's medical research on dental care—and ultimately what officials recommended for American diets."

Posted By Carl Engelbrecht

"Tapping into the data-driven policing trend, the department uses heat maps, technology and years of statistics to identify crime "hot spots." Pilots then use their downtime to fly over them, on the theory that would-be criminals tend to rethink their nefarious plans when there's an airship hovering overhead."




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