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Posted By Carl Engelbrecht

This world Satan's...the way of the world overshadowed with intended FEAR to manage the people farm! Step away, oscillate with the light of the world, and trust the plan. Don't fall for the delusion in the magic you see, but close your eyes and PRAY!

Posted By Carl Engelbrecht

First, I think we have an unrealistic understanding of encryption...the surveillance State is absolutely thorough and we must accept it NOT possible (and now too late) to completely camouflage our digital persona. Communications via email is the least problematic of our naked disguise. Remember, the 'Matrix' has everything about us, not only knowing what we've done, but predictively what and how we will do next! Soberly contemplate and recognize the jeopardy needed to conceal from...then administer your best defense.

Second, when one walks into sun light (new awareness), its brilliance can immediately, but temporarily blind creating a level of concern or panic until one's acclimated with the new perception. The world has entered into a peculiar time of great awakening and consciousness will feel the painful prick of 'enlightenment' as previous views are differently perceived.

Third, you, and only you must guard against what you're not comfortable trusting and believing. Please understand removing the demonic spell this world is under can only be accomplished by changing our habitual routines, questioning our indoctrination, and focusing all our faculty on the human 'suffering' (a blessing) which comes from knowing the light of the world. Convenience and our addiction to it, a Satanic tool which keeps you enslaved and in the dark!

Finally, I do understand some 'medicines' are not easily swallowed. Adorn the armor of God as you have and fasten other armaments as they are reviled.




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