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Posted By Carl Engelbrecht

Discerning admins can only imagine today the difference of an effective threat detection engine and a convenient risk management tool...the two completely different means. We must expect (and accept) convenience an ever eluding endeavor always to be intentionally frustrated. Our digital landscape becoming dynamic on an impossible scale with our privilege slowly and calculatedly being withdrawn by others. While a potent threat detection employs collective intelligence (out of our control) deployed to recognize and ascertain imperceptible impressions, the other is our ability of choice to apply its identification(s) to best defend aginst our perceived risk(s). Today's binary patterns emerge beyond normal cognition and almost force an imaginary visualization of a savant to appreciate. This noble battle is being lost, because WE admins are rapidly becoming the security apparatus's weakest link. The war lost the second the decision was made to allow an unidentified enemy within the gates. #gobbledygook
Wake up, Neo...
The Smart Grid has you...

Posted By Carl Engelbrecht

Blinding brilliant light!




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