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Posted By Carl Engelbrecht

Illusions pattern cracking, light leveled up escaping, the awakening is happening. Hold on, the ride your time here now, a shift of force tsunami brings, confusion's ignorance dispelled with a brilliance blinding. Massive cataclysm's false is broken, a deep breath drawn before the storm.

Posted By Carl Engelbrecht

The global people farm managed complete! And you thought technology for your convienence...really?
Wake up, Neo...
The Smart Grid has you...

Posted By Carl Engelbrecht

"The effort, code-named "Project Nightingale," appears to be the largest successful effort by tech giants - including Amazon, Apple and Microsoft - to gain access to personal health data in order to make inroads in the healthcare industry."

Posted By Carl Engelbrecht

With proper placed sent, a vermin you're baitin can't help but meander expected. In no time at all and sure as shootin, once ambuscade, appears to spoke a grope was caught. Spring hard it did on the handler, with triggered alert, a tremor felt about the campus melt, another aberration restricted. Narrate a vibration that cracked a weak and obtuse foundation, revealing a time to cease venture nigh, with glint a light on Idiocracy.
Hail the God Emperor's profound and unwelcome mannerism only to be recognized brilliant with time! drops mic #IQMatters #WWG1WGA




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