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      you can't protect that which you do not control...

You must first ask; is this domain, and all within, yours or already theirs? I agree a Security Gateway device is an obvious necessary entry layer, but also a very important “last stand” exit layer. Hmm...the problem seems to be the threat behind the mouse regardless of platform. Reactive measures inevitably translate too late, and proactive steps prove too painful and hard to accept. This cyber war, with each foray, seem to be lost from the inside. With the desktop compromised the battle is lost, time to shut the gates and call for help. The bits are headed out to those 'bunch of tubes' in the cloud one way or another, and you most likely won’t even know it happened till it’s too late. Then it's just one more story to read about on the net!  -Carl

"Perimeter DLP tools require fine tuning to effectively block 'bad' data from escaping the network"

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